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Lumisenses LED lash Extension system Device

Lumisenses LED lash extension system device has been tested and measured in accordance with EVS-EN 62471: 2008 and ISO 21348 standards. The measurement results regarding the potential radiation hazard are significantly lower than the limit values ​​specified in the standards.


Standard EVS-EN 62471: 2008, Photobiological safety of lamps and lighting equipment

ISO 21348 Space environment (natural and artificial) – Process for determining solar irradiances

The measurement results for Lumisenses LED lash extension system are as follows:

By comparison, the effective brightness of the sun in terms of the danger of blue light is approximately

1,300,000 W · m-2 · sr-1, and looking at the sun for more than one second is very dangerous to the eye. The effective brightness of the LUMISENSES LED eyelash extensions in terms of the danger of blue light is approximately 400 times lower than the brightness of the sun and during 5 seconds of operation 60 times lower than the permissible limit value (200,000 W · m-2 · sr-1).

Conformity assessment of the led eyelash extensions device:

Test Report No. KA-167-21-015 by KIWA Inspecta.

Normative references:

  • EN 60598-1: 2015
  • EN 55015: 2013 + A1: 2016 The device is in the visible light spectrum range (380 nm-760 nm)